Hiccups in the MLB Season

The Miami Marlins after starting their season 2-1 had their season put on pause on July 27th after a Covid-19 outbreak happened within the team. On July 26th, 4 Miami Marlins players tested positive for Covid-19 but the team still played their game against the Philadelphia Phillies after isolating those 4 players. Following the game, the team quarantined in their hotel in Philadelphia and tested … Continue reading Hiccups in the MLB Season

The Winner of the NHL Draft Lottery is ?????

On Friday, June 26, the NHL held phase one of it’s draft lottery to decide the order of next year’s NHL Draft. During a normal season, the teams that do not make the playoffs each have a certain percentage of getting the number one pick in the NHL Draft. However, due to the coronavirus, the NHL playoffs this year have 24 teams so things had … Continue reading The Winner of the NHL Draft Lottery is ?????

COVID-19 May Impact the 2021 NFL draft

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many sports such as the NFL and the NBA have been significantly impacted. With much college recruitment being affected due to sports not occurring this year has also impacted NFL recruitment from many Division I schools. With many NFL scouts not being able to travel and visit college football throughout its season has limited the number of recruitments for the … Continue reading COVID-19 May Impact the 2021 NFL draft

A Lost Season

In mid-March, the NBA, MLB, and NHL suspended their seasons, and I knew it was only a matter of days before mine got canceled. No, I’m not a pro athlete. I’m a high school junior with aspirations to play after high school. This would have been my final season of high school baseball, and I was hoping to have a great season.Before the season got … Continue reading A Lost Season

Florida Declares Professional Sports Essential

On Tuesday, April 14th, Florida declared professional sports an essential business. President Trump said on Wednesday, “We miss sports,” as he made it clear that it was important to get sports back. Declaring professional sports an essential business means that leagues could carry on their business as normal with games and events being played without fans in the stands. If you are anything like me … Continue reading Florida Declares Professional Sports Essential