Using Your Privilege for Good: What it Means to be a White Ally

Are you able to find shampoo or ”skin”-colored products suitable for your hair type and skin tone? Can you flip open a magazine or switch on your TV and see people of your race represented? Have you ever had a teacher who looks like you? Do you feel safe in the presence of police? Have you ever been the only person of your race in … Continue reading Using Your Privilege for Good: What it Means to be a White Ally

June 2020

June 2020 discusses COVID-19 and how to protect yourself. Additionally, the Obamas, Muriel Bowser, and Elon Musk and their contributions in continuing progress during these unprecedented times. Read about A Lost Season, Mental Health Tips during COVID-19, and a special edition of Ten Questions with COVID-19 Doctor Julio Torres. With Ression’s Top Picks giving you music, movies, TV, At Home Workouts, Books, and Podcasts to help you continue progress in your own life. Continue reading June 2020

How “Black Lives Matter” Can Be Misunderstood

America’s desperate struggle to achieve equality throughout history has been manifested into hundreds of riots and protests across the nation. Violent, sometimes, and peaceful for the majority. The death of George Floyd stood as the last straw for African American citizens. These riots have both helped and hindered the Black Lives Matter movement by bringing it positive and negative attention. Not only did it abruptly … Continue reading How “Black Lives Matter” Can Be Misunderstood


With the protests going on all over America and the black lives matter movement being highlighted in media at the moment, Ression is highlighting books that discuss the hardship that many black Americans are facing. And why the protesters are so upset and furious. Just Mercy Just Mercy is the story of Brian Stevenson after he graduates from college he enters the judicial system to … Continue reading Books

Four Beauty Tips That May Come in Handy

1. Use Face Cream One great way to maintain your beautiful skin is to keep your face moisturized. By doing this, you will feel more radiant and refreshed as someone with even prettier skin. Plus, it would most likely give you more nutrients and will make your skin healthier. It would clean out all the excess dirt and oils while creating a vibrant look. You … Continue reading Four Beauty Tips That May Come in Handy