The A List

Barbie Ferreira The model opened up about being labeled as a plus-size model in the modeling world. She discusses that early in her modeling career, she was marked as a plus-size model and how that the industry should be labeling beauty in all models and not trying to create a divide. She discusses that this is something the industry should’ve addressed by now. Barbie explains … Continue reading The A List

Editor’s Letter

As summer is in full swing, I hope everyone is staying healthy and taking the necessary precautions to protect themselves from COVID-19. Throughout the entire world, the Black Lives Matter movement has been making a noticeable impact on our news feeds after the death of George Floyd. In Politics, we discuss the Black Lives Matter movement not only in the United States but around the … Continue reading Editor’s Letter

Halsey Creates Black Creators Fund

With the protests occurring all over America, Halsey has decided to create a to amplify black creators’ art, voice, and perspective. Halsey’s team will entirely fund Halsey’s Black Creator Fund. Halsey is a biracial American singer; her mother is Irish, Italian, and Hungarian while her father is African-American. Halsey has attended multiple protests explaining, “They opened fire of rubber bullets and teargas multiple times on … Continue reading Halsey Creates Black Creators Fund