An Interesting Conversation Causes Tesla To Buy Bitcoin

In a recent interview with Time Magazine, Michael Saylor said that Elon Musk’s Twitter conversation with MicroStrategy’s CEO inspired Tesla’s decision to spend $1.5 billion in bitcoin. Musk tempted him late last year by tweeting a suggestive meme drawing of a monk praying with his eyes closed as a prostitute in the background serves as a symbol for bitcoin. Saylor responded to Musk’s post by … Continue reading An Interesting Conversation Causes Tesla To Buy Bitcoin

Distracted Economics: Opportunity

The economy entered the week of June seventh roughly three months after the initial shock tanked the market with the Dow dropping by more than two thousand points. Opening monday the market was up following a promising weekend of more announced openings and the rising price of oil. Tuesday the market dropped 7%, and has rallied for the rest of the week. The most recent … Continue reading Distracted Economics: Opportunity