Ways to Improve Sleep Wellness

We spend approximately 33% of our lives asleep. Sleep is a big factor in our physical wellness. Here are some tips to improve your sleep wellness. Have a routinely sleep schedule (even on the weekends) Yes I know, even on the weekend. Having a schedule helps reinforce your body’s sleep-wake cycle and can help you fall asleep more. I know that we have been quarantined … Continue reading Ways to Improve Sleep Wellness

Three Netflix Shows You Need to Binge Right Now

Grey’s Anatomy If you love medical dramas, you will love this show. I have binge this show about four times so far and it never gets cold, it has 16 seasons and counting, and plot twists that will surely mess with your emotions. Grey’s Anatomy is centered around a group of doctors and their professional lives, as well as their personal lives and twisted relationships. The main character … Continue reading Three Netflix Shows You Need to Binge Right Now

Beauty Myths That Had Us All Fooled

Wearing Markup Daily Ruins Your Skin If you care for your skin properly daily makeup use should not ruin your skin. What will ruin your skin is sleeping with your makeup on, not using sunscreen, and not having a proper skincare routine while applying makeup every day. Also, makeup can serve as a protective barrier for your skin and there are even some products formulated … Continue reading Beauty Myths That Had Us All Fooled

At Home Workouts

Zoom Workouts With Gabriella Torres View this post on Instagram   A 30 min grounding practice that is designed to connect you with our Root Chakra…our foundation, our stability and our personal safety. Full practice is available in our online yoga studio for members, link in bio 💓💓💓 #gabitorresyoga A post shared by GABi T🔮RRES ATR, LMFT, ERYT200 (@gabiwisewoman) on May 23, 2020 at 12:27pm … Continue reading At Home Workouts

Tips to Better Your Online Learning

With the new school year coming to a start, most students are experiencing uncertainty on what the school year will look like. Due to the lack of decrease in COVID cases in many areas, online schooling has become the new “normal” until further notice. Online learning is very different from in-person learning as students have learned, and the adjustment may require additional study and lifestyle … Continue reading Tips to Better Your Online Learning