At Home Workouts

For me continuing to work out and take care of myself during COVID-19 has been very difficult. I began to struggle with falling asleep and eating well. To combat this I decided to create a morning routine for myself which included a morning workout. Chloe Ting’s Shred Challenge Chloe Ting’s Shred Challenge has been going viral on TikTok over the recent weeks. And for a … Continue reading At Home Workouts

Three Selfcare Ideas to do During Quarantine

There are many ideas and practices to help take care of both your mental health and physical health during normal times. However, with our “new normal” one of the most crucial parts of self-care is being able to have some “you” time. Something like taking a long bubble bath or taking long deep breaths to calm yourself down helps keep a positive state of mind. … Continue reading Three Selfcare Ideas to do During Quarantine

Mental Health Tips During COVID-19

Some great ways to self-care for yourself during work or school and maintain your health during COVID-19. 1. Go for a run- You’re not supposed to leave your house during COVID-19 however going for a run and staying away from people while not making contact with anything will not only boost your mental health, it will keep your body healthy, and it will help you … Continue reading Mental Health Tips During COVID-19