3 Beauty Hacks

Put nails in cold water to dry nails faster After you do your nails and you are thinking of how to get your nails to dry faster and more efficiently then try this hack. Even if you think it would seem too painful or uncomfortable or weird, it won’t last too long because it’s just ice water. Just remember that beauty is pain. You need … Continue reading 3 Beauty Hacks

Three Beauty Tips that Should Work

Shave your legs with hair conditioner  If you ever run out of shaving cream and don’t really feel like buying more shaving cream, then try using hair conditioner. It works as well as shaving cream but even better! It makes it easier for you to shave and it also makes your skin softer and silky just like when you condition your hair. Conditioner is the … Continue reading Three Beauty Tips that Should Work

Quick Things To Add To Your Daily Schedule to Help Your Skin

As we begin to start getting ready to go back to school whether it be online or in person we all need to start new routines. One routine being taking care of your skin. Stress does not help acne, I know that I get stressed during the school year. So starting a new routine can help with all the stress and breakouts. All over TikTok … Continue reading Quick Things To Add To Your Daily Schedule to Help Your Skin

Beauty Myths That Had Us All Fooled

Wearing Markup Daily Ruins Your Skin If you care for your skin properly daily makeup use should not ruin your skin. What will ruin your skin is sleeping with your makeup on, not using sunscreen, and not having a proper skincare routine while applying makeup every day. Also, makeup can serve as a protective barrier for your skin and there are even some products formulated … Continue reading Beauty Myths That Had Us All Fooled

Skincare? We Care!

All over TikTok, skincarebyhyram has been going viral. Reacting to many teenagers’ and adults’ skincare routines, giving them advice on what products could be causing the irritation or inflammation in their skin. Hyram currently has 4,000,000+ followers. For a good reason, Hyram analyzes ingredients in skincare products and tells his followers exactly what they will do to their skin. He gives advice too many teenagers … Continue reading Skincare? We Care!