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10 Questions With TED TALK speaker Heather Younger

What would the world look like if you realized your vison? Who would benefit, and who would suffer from it? “If I realized my vision, every employee would feel validated for the work that they do and be excited to come to work. Everyone, no matter their place in life would realize that they have a choice who they show up every day…in their words … Continue reading 10 Questions With TED TALK speaker Heather Younger

July 2020

July 2020 highlights Halsey, Beyoncé, and Barbie Ferreira for their activism and involvement in the Black Lives Matter movement. Read about the Black Lives Matter movement, COVID-19’s impact on the stock market, and a special edition of Ten Questions with Rachel Saltzman Friedland. With Ression’s Top Picks giving you music, movies, TV, At Home Workouts, App, Books, and Podcasts recommendations to help you continue progress in your own life. Continue reading July 2020

The A List

Barbie Ferreira The model opened up about being labeled as a plus-size model in the modeling world. She discusses that early in her modeling career, she was marked as a plus-size model and how that the industry should be labeling beauty in all models and not trying to create a divide. She discusses that this is something the industry should’ve addressed by now. Barbie explains … Continue reading The A List

Editor’s Letter

As summer is in full swing, I hope everyone is staying healthy and taking the necessary precautions to protect themselves from COVID-19. Throughout the entire world, the Black Lives Matter movement has been making a noticeable impact on our news feeds after the death of George Floyd. In Politics, we discuss the Black Lives Matter movement not only in the United States but around the … Continue reading Editor’s Letter

Skincare? We Care!

All over TikTok, skincarebyhyram has been going viral. Reacting to many teenagers’ and adults’ skincare routines, giving them advice on what products could be causing the irritation or inflammation in their skin. Hyram currently has 4,000,000+ followers. For a good reason, Hyram analyzes ingredients in skincare products and tells his followers exactly what they will do to their skin. He gives advice too many teenagers … Continue reading Skincare? We Care!