Miss Juneteenth Discusses the Miss Juneteenth Pagent and highlights contestants that hope to win scholarship money for a historically black university. Dads Dads highlights many of the great Fathers in the world and what it means to be a dad. Available now on Apple TV. Continue reading Movies

Three of the Best Self Tanners to Help You Get Your Glow on This Summer

Although we’re all stuck inside due to COVID-19, many pools are opening up with a limited amount of people being able to attend at certain hours of the day even though we might not have as much pool access as we would typically expect. However, we can still get our glow on! St. Tropez Although St. Tropez could be pricey, sometimes its results are amazing. … Continue reading Three of the Best Self Tanners to Help You Get Your Glow on This Summer

COVID-19 May Impact the 2021 NFL draft

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many sports such as the NFL and the NBA have been significantly impacted. With much college recruitment being affected due to sports not occurring this year has also impacted NFL recruitment from many Division I schools. With many NFL scouts not being able to travel and visit college football throughout its season has limited the number of recruitments for the … Continue reading COVID-19 May Impact the 2021 NFL draft

June 2020

June 2020 discusses COVID-19 and how to protect yourself. Additionally, the Obamas, Muriel Bowser, and Elon Musk and their contributions in continuing progress during these unprecedented times. Read about A Lost Season, Mental Health Tips during COVID-19, and a special edition of Ten Questions with COVID-19 Doctor Julio Torres. With Ression’s Top Picks giving you music, movies, TV, At Home Workouts, Books, and Podcasts to help you continue progress in your own life. Continue reading June 2020


Headspace: Meditation & Sleep ‎Headspace: Meditation & Sleep ‎Get happy. Stress less. Sleep soundly. Headspace is your guide to everyday mindfulness in just a few minutes a day. Choose from hundreds of guided meditations on everything from managing stress and anxiety to sleep, productivity, exercise, and physical health – including short SOS meditations for wh… Continue reading App

Halsey Creates Black Creators Fund

With the protests occurring all over America, Halsey has decided to create a to amplify black creators’ art, voice, and perspective. Halsey’s team will entirely fund Halsey’s Black Creator Fund. Halsey is a biracial American singer; her mother is Irish, Italian, and Hungarian while her father is African-American. Halsey has attended multiple protests explaining, “They opened fire of rubber bullets and teargas multiple times on … Continue reading Halsey Creates Black Creators Fund


Every little thing Every little thing discusses why Blue is associated with boys and pink for girls. It goes into every little thing that maybe we’ve wondered about, but we don’t know the answer to it. NPR News  NPR news gives you a 30 second daily rundown of your news and what’s going on in the world. I love to listen to this on … Continue reading Podcasts

How the Coronavirus Pandemic Could Effect College Admissions

With the coronavirus pandemic canceling many standardized testing dates, it’s no surprise that there’s very much uncertainty when it comes to college admissions in the fall and spring. While many colleges have suspended the requirement for either SAT or ACT submission temporarily, many students still are trying to take standardized testing in hopes it will help them gain admission to their dream schools. Due to … Continue reading How the Coronavirus Pandemic Could Effect College Admissions


With the protests going on all over America and the black lives matter movement being highlighted in media at the moment, Ression is highlighting books that discuss the hardship that many black Americans are facing. And why the protesters are so upset and furious. Just Mercy Just Mercy is the story of Brian Stevenson after he graduates from college he enters the judicial system to … Continue reading Books