Demi Lovato Discusses The Toxic Nature of Beauty Filters

Demi Lovato is not interested in using “beauty” filters anymore. The actress posted a TikTok video (which she later uploaded to Instagram Reels) about popular beauty filters can alter almost all of the users’ features, explicitly highlighting the alteration of an individual’s face or nose. She apologized for using them in the past.

Demi poses in the video with one of the mentioned filters applied; her nose is visibly slimmed, her brows are raised, and her skin appears unreal. She mentions that her eyes have been altered, and she appears to be a different individual when the filter is applied.

The filters in question gained much traction on Snapchat, and they are now available on almost every leading social media platform. Individuals can alter their whole look and show a completely new face to the world with filters like these. They are entertaining to use, but they can also be dangerous, instilling in users unrealistic beauty ideals and unreasonable standards to meet.

Demi also took the opportunity to apologize for her previous use of similar filters. Demi has always been honest about her body image problems, and she recently addressed how her new short haircut has changed her outlook.