Bella Hadid Discusses Her Mental Health Leave From Instagram

Bella Hadid revealed that she took a social media break to boost her mental health. Bella says she has reconnected with her faith and has a “closer relationship” with herself now that she is back. On Thursday, the model shared a series of photos on Instagram, writing in the caption that she took a sabbatical from the application to focus on her mental health.

A stack of self-help and spirituality books was one of the images in the film. Bella also shared images of crystals, herself riding a horse, and colored pencils. She wrote that taking time out of her life when caring for her mental health was beneficial to her, and she encouraged others to do the same.

Taking care of your mental health is just as crucial as Bella suggests. A break from social media and other potentially stressful life aspects can be a significant relief for some people. Some people, like Bella, seek solace in spirituality, nature, and wisdom-filled books. Others, on the other hand, need tools such as counseling and mental health treatment. There is no shame in finding support or devoting time to improving your mental health, no matter what kind of help you need.

Bella is not the first actress to speak out about her mental health. She reminded people about World Mental Health Day in 2019.