3 Beauty Hacks

Put nails in cold water to dry nails faster

After you do your nails and you are thinking of how to get your nails to dry faster and more efficiently then try this hack. Even if you think it would seem too painful or uncomfortable or weird, it won’t last too long because it’s just ice water. Just remember that beauty is pain. You need to go through a small pit of pain to make something turn out well.

Use moisturizer to get smoother skin

In order to look more vibrant feel more vibrant, you need to to try some moisturizer such as Neutrogena or Aveeno. Those two brands will completely transform your skin into something truly amazing. It won’t just transform your skin but it will make it healthier and make you a new and improved person. If you use Neutrogena or even a scrub at least three times a week then you will see changes in your skin. You will feel more confident in yourself and feel like a model of some type. Just try it and see what great changes you see, it will be great!

Try using a hair mask

At first you might think that you don’t need to use something to help your help stay healthy and become stronger and more gorgeous, but once you try either a high rated hair conditioner or a hair mask. Try to do something new to help with your hair and you will see the results.