How Andrew Cuomo is Handling the Distribution of COVID-19 Vaccines in New York

Currently, America has a 3000 personal daily death rate due to the COVID-19 vaccine. Throughout this entire pandemic, New York has maintained one of the highest death rates in the United States of America.

Distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine has been difficult in many states around the country. Because of how quickly the vaccine expires, struggles with distributing the vaccine, and many individuals opting not to partake in the vaccine, hospitals fail to utilize all the government’s supplied doses. Many hospitals are working on distributing every single quantity provided to them by the government. Andrew Cuomo has now decided to penalize hospitals that fail to distribute all vaccines available to them thoroughly. This fine is $100,000 and contributes to Cuomo’s “use it or lose it” policy.

He additionally demands first responders be vaccinated before proceeding to vaccinate others. Further, Cuomo is threatening to revoke licenses and potentially sue individuals for up to $1 million that failed to meet his protocols. Cuomo’s new policies came in place after news outlets reported many hospitals disposing of doses because many individuals were not in the group of people prioritized in that wave of vaccinations. Many doctors have communicated to the public their fear if they failed to meet Cuomo’s requests.

Offer help, don’t offer punishments

Daniel Griffin, M.D., Head of Tristate Task Force for Vaccinations, Chief of Infectious Disease Division at ProHealth

Others are urging that any money collected by the government from hospitals be reallocated to healthcare and issues related to COVID-19.

Previously, Andrew Cuomo has experience negativity from others in politics and the news because he placed individuals sick with COVID-19 in nursing homes with many high-risk individuals. The healthy high-risk individuals eventually were diagnosed with COVID-19, and thousands died because of Andrew Cuomo‘s decision.