Fall Fashion Trends to Be Ready For

Fall is coming soon and we know there is a difference between fall and summer fashion. So here are some pieces you can add to your outfits to make them more fit for the fall season. 

  1. Cargo Pants: Cargo pants will most likely become popular this fall, not saying they weren’t this summer. These could be a very good staple item to wear with a variety of tops.
  2. Cover-Ups and Jackets: Fall weather means we need more jackets. Some trendy cover-ups include cardigans. Cardigans like sweaters are a great option for cooler weather. Jean jackets are in style all year and look great with a variety of things. Lastly, I have been seeing teddy bear jackets around and these look super cute and cozy.
  3. Plaid: Plaid has always been a cool weather trend. I love chunky flannels, super comfy, and pair well with jeans, leggings, you name it. 
  4. Sweaters: Along with plaid sweaters are also a popular fall and winter trend. Whether that is a sweater dress, top, jacket. 
  5. Henley tops: These are super cute and look very warm for the coming cold weather. These would look good with a lot of things including sweatpants and jeans.
  6. Crewnecks: Crewknecks and sweatshirts are a must-have. I have seen a lot of acid-washed crewnecks and those are a super nice clothing item. 
  7. Be prepared for boots: Short boots, hiking boots, boots with or without heels. Those will all be in. 
  8. Recently I have been seeing felt hats. You can find these at several different stores, so if you are looking for a different accessory there you go. 
  9. Blazers: have been in for a while and I believe they will continue through the autumn season
  10. Lastly: Orange and mustard yellow colored anything will be in. Super warm pumpkin color that reminds you of fall. I have seen sweaters, flannels, tops, and more of this color.