The Cure for Acne

As someone who had continuously battled with acne, I struggled to find solutions that would fit my combination skin type. I had been through it all: the Ordinary, Drunk Elephant, Mario Badescu, Lineage, First Aid Beauty, and many more. Sadly, none of those brands could truly help my skin, so I had to turn to Accutane.

After Accutane, my skin got significantly better. Still, within a month or two of ending the treatment, I started seeing blackheads cover my nose, and whiteheads began forming all over my face. Fearful that my acne would return, I decided to purchase Paula’s Choice’s famous liquid exfoliant.

After just one night of using this treatment, the whiteheads on my face began to fade. After about two weeks, the blackheads on my nose started to fade and did not appear to return. I was delighted; however, every morning, my face still felt very oily and unbalanced.

Lastly, even though the exfoliant has not balanced my skin, it has a fascinating texture in between the consistency of oil and water making the product very easy to apply and spread across the face and neck area. The product lasts for a very long time, so the price point is fair, especially given its numerous benefits.