Editor’s Letter

It’s back to school time, which means Ression Magazine has you covered with all the tips you need to succeed this new year. We know how hard it is, especially in these unprecedented times. Many of you are returning to school in hybrid mode or online. No matter how you’re returning to school or work this year, we hope we can help you contribute to progress in your life.

Our study section has tips for studying and starting your school year the best way possible. While also providing our favorite tips and tricks to combat online difficulties and procrastination.

In the politics category, read about the newest DACA restrictions and how California and other states are attempting to challenge them. Also, learn about Joe Biden’s new potential running mate Kamala Harris.

We report wage gap discrepancies between men and women in international and national sports and how several countries or taking steps to close the salary gap in sports.

In entertainment, we discuss the world’s obsession with BTS, activities to do during the fall, and recommend movies and TV shows to binge-watch!

In beauty, we debunk myths occurring in the make-up and skincare worlds, how your daily routine could help your skin, and some extra beauty tips.

Finally, in business and wellness, we discuss European countries’ response to COVID-19 and how to improve your sleep and mental health.

This month we will be temporarily skipping our “10 Questions With” segment to highlight Ruth Bader Ginsberg and her legacy instead. We will be discussing 10 of Ginsberg’s top accomplishments and her life.

As always, Ression topics recommend your movie, TV shows, master classes, musicals, exhibits, podcasts, and books to help you continue to progress in your own lives. Thank you so much for your support, especially during these unprecedented times, and we hope all your families remain safe and healthy!

Juliette Bruner