Best Chrome Extensions for Online School


The end of August for some can be tiresome to the millions of worked out teenagers as school comes around. Long gone are the mornings of getting dressed and ready for school running on a few hours of sleep as most of U.S. students are heading to their computers for as long as 7 hours. Luckily for us, not everything is in our way from passing by this tedious period of our lives. Since 2009, Chrome extensions have been linked or downloaded to the benefit of students making our lives just a bit easier. Having used a plethora of them over the years, here are the ones I recommend to have a simpler school year in a very complicated time. 

For your essays:


You may have heard of this extension by social media ads promising to improve your papers with one click. And it works (In fact, I’m using it right now for grammar improvement in this article). Many of you may have this common application, so I turn to the next Chrome extension.


Pro Writing Aid

Pro Writing Aid has been a game-changer for writing essays. Similar to Grammarly, this app gives you suggestions on how to make appealing sentences broadening from writing an email to writing an article Pro Writing Aid adds a professional (but not too fancy) touch to your writing.


For the procrastinator:


We’ve all done it. Just one more scroll turns into hours wasted that could’ve been helping you not freak out when you’re pulling an all-nighter doing the essay that’s due first period. FocusMe is a start in the right direction of paying attention. What this extension does is it blocks websites that are distracting you and provides a time tracker to show how much time is spent. 


3 Tabs Only

For the extremist that needs to solve their procrastination issues cold-turkey style, 3 Tabs Only is my go-to recommendation to anyone I meet having talks about an online school. This extension gives you the ability to have 3 tabs open on Chrome at the same time, that way you stay focus on your priorities.


For when it all looks like a mess:


Underestimating the number of tabs I would need for just one class, DividerTabs has been a game-changing impact on how organized and pristine my note-taking has gotten since the start of my classes over Zoom. How it works is you create a new divider, name it, and place the tabs you have open after the divider and it will automatically detect the tab as part of the divider subject. You can also make the subject divided tabs disappear by clicking on the dividers icon.