California and a Few Other States Want to Challenge the Latest DACA Restrictions

California is bringing new challenges to the changes that the Trump administration has recently made to the Obama-era program. The Obama-era program protects certain undocumented immigrants who came to the United States as children from being deported. General Xavier Becerra the California Attorney General announced Tuesday that California and other states “to bring challenges” to the new policy for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program that limits regenerations from one year to two years. Also to limit the new DACA applications. Last month, Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf issued new rules that were needed as the administration studies the DACA program as a whole. Although Chas Wolf had stopped short of ending the program, he appeared to be laying down the groundwork for further restrictions or termination. “I have concluded that the DACA policy, at a minimum, presents serious policy concerns that may warrant its full rescission,” Wolf wrote. The program is to be restored to its “pre-September 5, 2017 status,” meaning the status quo before President Donald Trump tried to terminate it. By going back to its pre- September 5, 2017 status it is giving hundreds of thousands of DACA eligible immigrants the opportunity to apply. The administration issued a new memo limiting acceptability into the program. “Rather than accept the outcome of the litigation,” wrote Becerra on Tuesday, “Wolf issued a memorandum … directing DHS to make immediate interim changes to DACA while he ostensibly evaluates the future of the program.” DACA was created in 2012 to protect undocumented immigrates who came to the United States as children and allows them to work in the US without being deported.