Three Beauty Tips that Should Work

Shave your legs with hair conditioner

 If you ever run out of shaving cream and don’t really feel like buying more shaving cream, then try using hair conditioner. It works as well as shaving cream but even better! It makes it easier for you to shave and it also makes your skin softer and silky just like when you condition your hair. Conditioner is the type of product that gives everything a finishing touch. It makes it shiny and smooth and silky.

Make your manicures last

In order for your manicures to last for a long time and stay healthy at the same time, you need to use some cleansing oils to put on your nails before you paint them. The reason why you should do this is so that you could get all the dirt and oils off your fingers and make sure there’s fresh nails for you to paint on. After doing that, use top coat and use a brand of nail polish such as Essie, O.P.I, Nail Butter etc. Those nail polish brands are guaranteed to help stay on and not damage your nails at the same time. If you go and get your nails done, try not to get Shilack.

Use a clean mascara wand to maintain eyebrows

Another great beauty hack that would actually work would be using either a clean mascara wand or an old toothbrush to brush your eyebrow and shape it the way you desire. Even if your eyebrows aren’t shaped and are going crazy, this trick would most likely help with that and make you look like a new person.