Six Tips for Having a Great Start to Your New Academic Year

The starting of an academic year normally causes some stress, no matter if it’s in college or high school. Specially when it’s just after summer has ended, in which you passed two months of relaxation without any worries about submitting works before deadlines or waking up early… Most of the time the beginning of an academic year impacts how you are going be doing during the rest of it, as the starting point projects future success, and in some cases people start bad and then improve, but what better than doing amazing in the beginning and then still improving. So here are six tips for having a successful start on this academic year, which will help you avoid some stress.

Organize your Days with a Calendar

Many people will always recommend you to get organized with a calendar, and it might look very old fashion but it can really make the difference for reaching success. Once you get used to adding all assignments, dates, meetings or else it will be a tool which is so simple that will really make a change in your life. You might be asking yourself how something like this could make the change, here is how; a calendar will never let you forget the things you have pending and the date they are for, so no matter what is going on in your life you can always check it and see when is your next quiz or when you need to submit your works.

How to use it, you can have a physical calendar in which by hand you write what you have for every day of the month, or you can download an app on your phone, laptop, etc. I recommend using an online calendar because of two reasons. Firstly because you can turn on the notifications and the app will remind you without letting it pass, which in the physical version you need to be checking it often or else you will forget some dates. Secondly the online calendar will always be with you as you will always have your phone on your pocket. Each time a teacher announces a new assignments due date immediately open the calendar app and add a new event, which includes the proper title of the assignment, a brief description of what you need to do and the due date (ex: Title: Coronavirus lockdown essay, Description: Write an essay about how the coronavirus lockdown impacted your life, Date: August/20/2020) And make sure you will have a reminder about it. Follow those steps for every event on your life from school work to family dinners and you will see you become a more organized person, which will help you achieve success.

Make sure you are getting enough sleep

Coming back from summer break with a ruined sleep schedule is pretty common, however is very important to get 8+ hours of sleep while on school or college. Apart the starting of a new year can get very busy and demanding in terms of work, and often you won’t have any time to relax due to study. Without having enough sleep it will be very difficult to concentrate. That’s why you need to try having enough sleep as often as you can and you’ll see you become more productive.

Keep a distance from your electronics

It might seem as keeping the distance from the electronics and social media is not as important, but knowing how to identify the appropriate times to use your electronics is very important as this devices often take up to much space in our brains, cause us unnecessary stress and consume immense amounts of our times. This might seem as something your parents or even grandparents tell you and many teens take it as a punishment, but after all it is completely true. Society nowadays has evolved to be completely addicted to technology and i’m not saying that it doesn’t make our life’s much easier by having all the information we need, helping us connect with people who live far away, and many other things, but the problem with it is that most of people don’t know how to control themself from not depending on this devices. 

During classes avoid checking your phone, no matter if it’s just for checking the time just avoid your phone, there will be a better time afterwards to use it. If you are using either your laptop or any other device while on class be careful of still paying attention or doing the work you are assigned, no matter if you believe the class is not important or leave the work for doing it afterwards, use the class time wisely and take into account that if the teacher is giving you time to work on something during class time better do it then or else you might get lots of work piled up, which this will cause you more stress and you will probably lower the quality of your works. In your free time feel free of spending your time the way you want, however think it twice if you are going to spend hours playing some video games, watching some Netflix or even spending hours scrolling through instagram or tiktok and ask yourself if there is something else you could to that will have a better impact on your future.

Get to know some of your classmates

With the starting of a new year it’s most likely that some of your classmates are different that the previous year, and this can often cause stress wondering who you are going to hangout with during classes. Many people outside of classes tend to never leave their comfort zones in which they limit themselves unconsciously to only hanging out with people in their group of friends. However meeting new people, making new friends and seeing the world from different perspectives is always amazing. Having classes with different people gives you this opportunity, so don’t be shy, be yourself and have a talk with some of your new classmates. Never underestimate the value of making new friends and leaving your comfort zone. In academic terms making friends with your classmates could really make your life easier as oftenly they will not let you forget deadlines or important dates and you can even have academic discussions with them.

Take as much notes as possible

Many students take taking notes for granted and only do it when a teacher asks for it, however it is very important for many reasons, firstly taking handwritten notes helps you memorize information as you need to properly process the information in order to take notes, secondly no matter if the information is going to appear in an assessment, as unnecessary as the information looks you never know when you are going to need it, therefore remember to take notes that can be easily understood and well organized. You’ll see that taking proper notes will make you have a successful year in which you are very productive and organized.

Take this new year seriously

No matter whether you are in high school or college make sure to take this new academic year very seriously. If you are on high school you need to put your best effort on it as there is no much time until you apply to college and they will take a look at your grades and records, so if you want to have a chance to enter to your dream college make sure to do your best. If you are in college there is no much time left until life really starts and if you want to be successful in life make sure to be successful this year, so you are able to work on whatever you really want. For it make sure you are not procrastinating and putting work ahead of everything.