Romance Movies You Should Watch at Least Once

Romantic movies are always a serotonin boost, it always makes people feel happy or single, either or. Romantic movies are one of the most watched genres in hollywood. There are a variety of Romantic movies out in Hollywood right now. However, there are three in particular that everyone should watch at least once.

Five Feet Apart

The first one on the list is Five feet apart. It is about two teenagers battling cystic fibrosis. As they lock eyes for the first time, they would not imagine what is coming their way. They are faced with the difficult issue of being together but also keeping a distance of (six feet) away from each other. The movie features talented actors such as everyone’s heartthrob Cole Sprouse and amazing Haley Lu Richardson. It is a feel good movie and shows the strength of true love.

10 Things I Hate About You

10 things I hate about you is one of the best Romantic Comedies in history, it was from the 90’s and featured actors such as Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger. Kate Stratford is one of the prettiest girls in school, she has everyone mesmerized by her beauty, unfortunately for her there are strict rules in the house which do not let her to date until her sister Kat gets a boyfriend. When the boys pull some strings, Kat meets the charming, bad boy Patrick. What will happen next? The movie is based on the Shakespearean play called the “The Taming of the show.”

A Star Is Born

A star is born is a movie that shines light on the romance between pop stars. Jackson Maine a musician sees and falls in love with Ally who is a struggling artist. Ally had given up on the dream to make it big as a musician, but when she met Jackson he gave her hope. She reached herdream but that also left their relationship in shambles. What can happen next? The movie is directed by Bradley Cooper and has been remade four times. It is definitely worth the watch.