Quick Things To Add To Your Daily Schedule to Help Your Skin

As we begin to start getting ready to go back to school whether it be online or in person we all need to start new routines. One routine being taking care of your skin. Stress does not help acne, I know that I get stressed during the school year. So starting a new routine can help with all the stress and breakouts. All over TikTok people are talking about CeraVe products. If you go to the CeraVe website you can take a mini quiz to find skin care products that will work best for your skin type. Trying new products can help improve your skin. Find which products work best for your skin, everyone’s skin is different. Working out helps open up your pores. Right after you workout you should wash your face. Not only are you getting exercise but you are also getting to clean your pores. If you have a pimple before you have to go somewhere then you can put some toothpaste on your pimple and leave it on for at least 15 minutes then you wash your face and the pimple and redness will go down. It will be alot easier to cover it with makeup if you wear any. Another thing that will help your skin is drinking water. Drinking at least 8 cups of water a day will help your skin. Adding more avocados to your diet can help your skin look radiant and brighter. Get more sleep, it will help you to not look tired. Adding all of these little tricks and tips to your everyday routine can help improve acne and brighten up your skin.