Three Netflix Shows You Need to Binge Right Now

Grey’s Anatomy

If you love medical dramas, you will love this show. I have binge this show about four times so far and it never gets cold, it has 16 seasons and counting, and plot twists that will surely mess with your emotions. Grey’s Anatomy is centered around a group of doctors and their professional lives, as well as their personal lives and twisted relationships. The main character is Meredith Grey, she has plenty of trauma to process but carries herself well and becomes an amazing surgeon. Now if all that does not excite you, the strange medical cases will, the cases range from a spinal tumor that looks like a death sentence to a facial transplant candidate. You may have heard that everyone who watches this show acts as if they are a doctor after processing everything, and while I am definitely not a doctor, I have some unique medical knowledge thanks to this show.

Criminal Minds

This is for those who love crime shows and psychoanalysis, although it is emotional torture, it is a great show. A team of FBI agents focus on using psychoanalysis and other methods to catch killers, psychopaths, and other very strange criminals. Of course, the agents’ personal lives become intertwined with their work, families are threatened, and there are very intense moments in this show. This show is not for those who cannot handle being uncomfortable and anxious because trust me, you will get emotionally invested and get attached to these characters. I could go on and on but I do not want to spoil any of the cases or any of the character development, figuring out the layers of the show is part of the fun.


This show is for those who enjoy shows like the office, it takes place in a community college and focuses on a “study group”. The group is very diverse, and they love to have a little fun and scheme. Jeff Winger, the main character just wants to cruise through college to get his law degree back, however he ends up stirring up some things and becoming a big part of the college. They have amazing episodes having to do with paintball wars, pull loads of pranks, and have some amazing adventures. Community is very light-hearted and funny, although slightly confusing because it becomes quite wild at some point, it will for sure make you smile and keep you wanting more.