Beauty Myths That Had Us All Fooled

Wearing Markup Daily Ruins Your Skin

If you care for your skin properly daily makeup use should not ruin your skin. What will ruin your skin is sleeping with your makeup on, not using sunscreen, and not having a proper skincare routine while applying makeup every day. Also, makeup can serve as a protective barrier for your skin and there are even some products formulated to better your skin while wearing them. Overall, poor skin hygiene will destroy your skin, not regular makeup use. Remember to be aware of what you are using to cleanse your face, and the ingredients in skincare products, it will save you in the long run.

Shaving Frequently Makes Hair Grow Faster & Thicker

Every person and body is different, but whether you shave frequently or not does not impact the rate of hair growth that your body has. Furthermore, a razor only removes the hair on the surface of your skin while the root of the hair removed continues to grow, that should explain the black “dots” some see on their body after they shave, the roots are still there. Razors cause the illusion of hair growing back thicker depending on how much of the hair is cut and in what location.

Toothpaste Can Minimize A Pimple

Although toothpaste has some ingredients that may dry out acne, it also has other harmful ingredients that irritates the skin, resulting in more harm than good. It has even been linked to causing dark spots depending on your skin type. Especially avoid putting whitening toothpastes on your skin because that can cause extreme skin damage and discoloration. It is best to stick to products specifically developed for getting rid of pimples fast, I recommend the Mighty Patch if you are looking for somewhere to start.