Tips to Better Your Online Learning

With the new school year coming to a start, most students are experiencing uncertainty on what the school year will look like. Due to the lack of decrease in COVID cases in many areas, online schooling has become the new “normal” until further notice. Online learning is very different from in-person learning as students have learned, and the adjustment may require additional study and lifestyle changes. Here are some tips to aim for so that online learning is as beneficial as possible.

1. Set a Daily Schedule

Going to school in person sets a daily routine (wake up at a designated time, eat breakfast, go to school, come home, do homework, etc.) that is very beneficial to the brain. Setting a routine in online learning so that you are having repetition in your days will maximize your learning potential.

2. Have a Good Work Space.

A good work space should be a clean, distraction-free environment that allows you to focus on the work at hand. Your bed is an example of a bad work space, because the temptation to fall asleep can be consuming. Instead try to find a desk or table around your house and ask family to let you have this space to yourself while getting work done.

3. Get Fresh Air

Being home all day can be hard on both the mind and body. Spending time outside every day by going on a walk, sitting in your yard, or even getting out of the house if possible can significantly increase productivity and mood.

4. Socialize with Family and Friends

One of the biggest aspects that students are missing in online school is the socialization with other people. Communicating with and spending time with people is important to people’s lives, especially when students are so used to getting that everyday. One of the positive impacts of the circumstances is the opportunity to spend more time with family, so take advantage of it! We are also lucky to live in a world where online communication is easy, so keep in touch with friends as well!

5. Be Positive!

Although the uncertainty of the circumstances can be consuming, you will get through this. Look forward to what is to come, rather than focusing on the terribleness of today.