Barr Thinks That George Floyd’s Death Started Extreme Actions Barr and Multiple Government Officials?

Attorney General William Barr seems to have mixed feelings on the death of George Floyd. When first asked about the unfortunate death of George Floyd he said “The leading cause of death for young Black males is homicide, every one of those lives matter.” But later when he was asked about the subject on Wednesday July 22 he called “extreme reactions that have demonized police”, due to the recent protests happening after George Floyd’s death. He blames the recent diabolize viewing of police because of a significant increase in violence and crime. Barr shares an unpopular opinion about the protests that have been happening. He has said that these protests are extreme reactions and that people are making all police seem like they are evil and not here to protect us. People have been protesting and saying that the government should defund the police departments. Barr is on the side of the police and he has stood up for them many times in several speeches that he has made. His most forceful example of him on the police side is when he ordered the authorities to clear peaceful protestors outside of the White House. Security forced the protestors out by using deterrents like pepper balls. These were peaceful protestors and they were forced out and silenced. Was their first amendments violated by these acts that were taken by Barr and multiple government officials?