Hiccups in the MLB Season

The Miami Marlins after starting their season 2-1 had their season put on pause on July 27th after a Covid-19 outbreak happened within the team. On July 26th, 4 Miami Marlins players tested positive for Covid-19 but the team still played their game against the Philadelphia Phillies after isolating those 4 players. Following the game, the team quarantined in their hotel in Philadelphia and tested the rest of the players. The next morning, news broke out that there were at least 14 positive cases within the team. The Marlins then stayed quarantined in their hotel and postponed their games for the next week. As days went on, the number of positive cases rose to 19 players and 2 coaches. Rumors began to fly about how the team contracted the virus. Some people claimed the team went out to a club and that they were at bars and many people believed these rumors. It wasn’t until Marlins Chief Executive Officer, Derek Jeter, came out and said the team was not responsible enough with mask wearing and went out of the hotel at times to get coffee and milk that the rumors stopped getting spread. The Marlins finally got back to action on August 4th against the Baltimore Orioles after signing new players that have never been with the team and calling up some of the minor leaguers. The Marlins seemed to have figured out how to get past this hiccup in the season and hopefully the players that tested positive are able to make full recoveries.

Unfortunately, another team is beginning to have an outbreak. The St. Louis Cardinals have had to postpone some of their games due to an outbreak within their team. The MLB is going to have a really difficult time having the season continue without a bubble like the NHL, NBA, and MLS are using. The MLB should also enforce a mandatory mask mandate to limit the spread of the virus so that teams can continue playing their season without an outbreak. The players are going to have to be responsible if they want the season to continue but I am optimistic and hopeful that they will be able to figure it out.