10 Questions With TED TALK speaker Heather Younger

What would the world look like if you realized your vison? Who would benefit, and who would suffer from it?

“If I realized my vision, every employee would feel validated for the work that they do and be excited to come to work. Everyone, no matter their place in life would realize that they have a choice who they show up every day…in their words and in their behaviors.”

What motivates you to do what you do?

“I believe in trying to get better every day. I want to get better and help others see that they can be just a little better every day. I also feel called to do the work I do. I think I was put on this earth to help and uplift.”

Where does your passion come from?

“I had a life filled with adversity, where I did not always feel like my voice mattered or that I was important. I work hard now to help people and organizations understand the power of their voice and the importance of using the voice of the voiceless to create better experiences for them.”

What and whom do you love most?

“My family and my faith. Without both my family and faith, I would not really have a reason to show up like I do.”

What are you most afraid of with your career?

“Right now, everything related to career success focuses on what I do. I fear that I don’t have a bigger team to create more business success. So that my legacy can outlive my own life.”

Who else has been down your road before you?

“There have been many down my road before. They paved the road for me. I am an evolution. As I am teaching, I am learning.”

What do you spend most of your time doing?

“Coaching executives, doing virtual and in-person keynote talks, consulting clients and interviewing amazing leaders. Then, I spend time with my family.”

When are you most fully yourself?

“When I am able to help others see the positive power they possess, and help them see their own evolution and potential. This might be through my speeches, coaching or consulting.”

What one word best sums up your vision?


What and who inspires you with awe?

“My children inspire me the most. They are so resilient, driven, smart and service-focused.”