Simple Ways to Include Manifestation in Your Life

This year has been full of many surprises, some of which have halted the world to stop moving. It may seem as if there’s no control to your life anymore, especially amidst a pandemic. What you wish you can be doing vs. where you currently stand may be polar opposites from each other right now. By practicing manifestation, you take a further step into gaining what you want in your life.

The methods I will introduce are elementary leveled tactics anyone can pick without paying a single penny.

1) Daydreaming

Sounds like B.S. right? Many people, especially ones who don’t have time to journal or make mood boards, use this method of manifesting to visualize their desired path. This method is also the easiest for the laziest of people! Here’s how it works:

  • Close your eyes and empty anything your thinking of besides the practice.
  • Vision a clip of yourself living the life you are wanting to live.
  • Really think about this clip! Spend a couple of minutes visualizing the details of the surrounding you are in. For example, if you wish to live in a beach house, I would think about the type of flooring, the cabinets, the lighting, and the interior design of the house. The clip should be as detailed as real life.
  • Open your eyes! You’re done for the day and can go on with whatever you were doing.
  • Practiced doing this daily. This method’s intent is to give you a clear angle of your wishes.

2) Be Grateful

This is hard for some, including me. It may be difficult to feel grateful when you feel as if the world around you is changing in ways you can’t catch up to adapting. This method is smooth and easy when you are in a calm mindset. You can choose to write this out or keep it to yourself:

  • Start thinking of the things you never take to consideration. Think weird. There’s so many things you have right now that a large number of people may not have in hand. Like for example, if you’re reading this article it means you have access to the entirety of world knowledge being shared directly in your hands. It’s mind blowing that you can do just about anything you want, which is something to be extremely grateful for.
  • Stop stressing over the small things, especially if you can’t control them. Life happens, so when it does, don’t let it tear you down to where you’re trying to go. 
  • Always end the day in the right state of mind, regardless of how bad it went. This is tough, but knowing that tomorrow will bring brand new experience can give you a sense of reassurance to your life.

3) Get In Your Feels

Similar to the first method, get into the habit of believing you already have what you want. If your dream is to live wealthier, start pretending like you have everything you wanted. There’s a reason why many live to the phrase ‘Fake it til you make it.’, adjusting yourself to the right mood will push you further towards the end goal. Think of it like this, you are far more likely to focus on your homework if you’re listening to lofi-girl radio than your workout playlist. Get in the habit of correcting your state of mind.

To grow is to accept change. Along the way of your practicing you may find yourself not gaining things as quickly as you wished. It is important to allow things to go with the flow. Don’t over push something, it may be a sign it is not meant for you to have. On a final note, after practicing these methods, learn to let go.