Four Tips to Use When Preparing for College

Get organized for college

In other words, make some type of to do list or outline of what you should look for in colleges. Research colleges that you are thinking of applying to and make a list of them that would be your top choices and your backups. Research things such as class size, student/ campus life, academic majors/minors etc. While researching each college, try to find something that sticks out to you the most. Something that makes that college so significant and unique in your eyes.

Know where to find help

The person to talk to about preparation for college and for a college guide is an admissions counselor. You don’t necessarily need to talk to them in person, you can email them too. Plus, there are some colleges that have more than one admissions counselor that you could talk to and ask questions to. You could ask them anything from “When do I need to start applying to colleges?” to “What should I do to help my transition to college be better?” Admission counselors are here to help in any way possible and they could help you be more prepared and be your guide to applying to colleges.

Strengthen your critical skills

In order to be mentally prepared for college, you need to be able to have a strong set of life skills. Skills such as leadership, problem solving, teamwork, critical thinking and so on. These are just some of the skills that will be needed to be able to thrive in a college setting. These skills won’t only help you to just get ready for college, it will also help you adapt to college faster and get use to the flow of everything.

Strengthen your technical skills

Meaning, try to learn more about technology and learn some easy tips. Watch some you tube videos to help you become better about understanding how to use excel or outlook. Make sure before you go to college you have all these skills down. Since in college you’ll be using your computer a lot for essays and presentations, you must be able to understand how to use certain computer platforms and editing platforms and such.