How Celebrities Have Continued Progress During COVID-19

Timothee Chalamet


Twenty four year old actor, Timothee Chalamet, has been having to take safety precautions during the pandemic like the rest of us.

Though there have been recent rumors spreading of him potentially dating actress Eiza Gonzales. The two were spotted, not so long ago, hiking together following their recent Mexico get away.

The couple had recently ended their previous relationships before the news came onto the internet. Early this spring, Chalamet ended his year-long relationship with actress Lily-Rose Depp., and Gonzales separated from Australian actor Luke Bracey. Further giving way to the rumors circulating the internet, questioning wether or not, this will be a mere summer fling.

Billie Eilish


While some of us have become couch potatoes during quarantine, Billie Eilish has been busy doubling her Net Worth with a single paycheck!

Eighteen year old singer, Billie Eilish, composer of “Bad Guy”, “Ocean Eyes”, and many other hit songs, has made more money through her music that Cardi B, Sam Smith, and even The Chainsmokers! Billie has made an astounding $40 million in digital singles.

And if that isn’t amazing enough, she even made a deal with Apple! They agreed to pay her $25 million for the rights to make a documentary about her life! (We’ll sure be looking out for that one Billie!)

She also has her own line of merch, and does some brand endorsements. Which helps bring in some extra cash. Last year, she managed to make $53 million. Which was met halfway with her apple deal, and rest was taken up by her music sales.

In the end, Billie’s Net Worth is $25 Million according to Celebrity Net Worth. Yes she had made more, but her taxes must be through the roof! So what have you been up to during quarantine?

Tom Holland


Wow, seems nobody has as many things coming up during the pandemic as 24 year old actor Tom Holland (Spider-Man). Following the start of the pandemic, many of his film projects were put on hold. But finally, he can return to set and continue! Just earlier this month he flew to Berlin Germany and started filming “Uncharted”.

Though we don’t know much about how the Spider-Man 3 filming is going, it has been confirmed that filming will be complete starting January 2021. How exciting!

But some films Holland was able to finish shooting before the pandemic struck were “Cherry”, and “The Devil All The Time”.

“The Devil All The Time” is said to be released early September 2020. And while we don’t yet know the exact release date for “Cherry”, it has been confirmed that it will most likely be released in 2020.

The young actor isn’t only a hero while wearing the mask, he and his family lead a non-profit organization, The Brothers Trust, to help the less fortunate. There was also a recent viral incident in which a brave little boy saved his sister from a dog attack. The little boy’s name was Bridger, and Tom called him to congratulate him on being so brave. Bridger loved meeting Spider-Man and is recovering quickly!

Joey King


Twenty year old actress Joey King, the lead of the famous “Kissing Booth”, had announced the release of “The Kissing Booth 2”! Now finally after a long wait, we can watch her reunite with the cast of a Netflix favorite movie!

The romantic-comedy struck many fans in the heart and became a Netflix favorite. Now we finally get its sequel! As of this past week, the movie has finally been released on Netflix! (I know what I’m doing this weekend).

King had also drastically changed her hair a few months ago. Though not many people are aware as to why she’d chose to shave her entire head. The reason behind it, is her taking part in a series called “The Act”.

It has not yet been released, but she plays Gypsy Rose Blanchard. A woman who murdered her mother, the show containing tragic true-crime stories.

It’s great to have her back as Elle Evans again though! And we sure can’t wait to see her in that upcoming thrilling series.