The Washington Redskin Franchise Has Come to an End

After 87 years, the Washington NFL will drop the team name and logo. The Washington Redskin- a moniker that many Native Americans consider a racial slur- will be removed and discontinued in the NFL. It was announced on July 13, that the team is working on a new name that is appropriate for the fans, families, and communities.

Washington will be the first NFL franchise that changes its name without moving to a new city. And it will be the first major professional sports team to make such a change since 2013 when the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats became the Hornets.

It is unknown what the new name will be or when the team will finalize the branding. For the past decade, there have been legal pushes to revoke the team’s trademarks arguing that the name is disparaging to Native Americans. Several high schools across the country have decided to abandon the name and find new monikers for their sports teams.

The death of George Floyd has increased the attention of injustice and racism in America including the NFL. Generations of this country have become more open to having these discussions of racism and culture appropriation. As a future leader of this country, it is healthy for us to have this conversation to better ourselves and the United States from his hideous history.