Three DIY Curly Hair Masks

Curly hair can either be a blessing or a curse. Those who wish to have curly hair do not know what a struggle it is to have it. Personally, it took me a long time to embrace my natural curls, but it wasn’t until I used these 3 DIY curly hair masks to finally do so. If you have dry or damaged curls, these masks are definitely for you. Make sure to apply these masks to your hair and leave it in for 20-30 minutes before showering with shampoo.

Curl Enhancer Smoothie

-1 egg white
-½ banana
-1 Tbs olive oil
-1 Tbs honey

This DIY mask has brought me the best results, leaving my curls looking healthy, and hydrated. The reason for this is that the banana in the mask contains silica, a property that makes your hair stronger and thicker. As for the proteins in egg whites, they help prevent split ends and make your hair shiny. Now the benefits of putting honey in your hair are endless. Honey plays a big role in making your hair soft, moisturized, and dandruff free. Lastly, the star of the show, olive oil is an ingredient found in conditioner because it includes all of the benefits I have already listed, along with the extra benefit of hair growth. As you can see, this hair mask is more than wonderful and is most recommended.

Aloe Vera Hair Mask

-Aloe vera leaf
-3 Tbs plain yogurt
-2 Tbs coconut oil

If you have read my previous article, Five DIY Facial Masks To Make You Confident, you would know that aloe vera is amazing for clearing up acne. Not only is aloe vera great for glowy skin, it is also great for strengthening your hair and making your scalp healthier. The vitamins in aloe vera repair hair strands and keep your hair from falling out. Aloe vera is also an incredible tool for increasing blood circulation in the area you are applying it. On the other hand, plain yogurt and coconut are known and popular ingredients for healthy hair. Plain yogurt contains calcium which promotes hair growth and the components in coconut oil keeps the hair strong and nourished.

Avocado Hair Mask

-1 avocado
-2 to 3 Tbs coconut oil

The majority of my curly haired friends have always recommended using this mask for my hair, especially during swim season when my hair is crazy damaged from the chlorine. It’s said that avocados are good for dry hair and keeping hair moisturized. The natural oils found in avocados are wonderful for treating damaged, frizzy hair and the vitamins help protect and strengthen hair. It’s no wonder this hair mask is so widely recommended!

Bring your curly hair struggles to an end by trying these masks! I hope they bring you the results you desire and help you feel more confident in your natural beauty. Enjoy.