The A List

Barbie Ferreira

The model opened up about being labeled as a plus-size model in the modeling world. She discusses that early in her modeling career, she was marked as a plus-size model and how that the industry should be labeling beauty in all models and not trying to create a divide. She discusses that this is something the industry should’ve addressed by now. Barbie explains that initially getting labeled as a plus side model gave her community; however, now it’s just creating a divide in the modeling industry.


Over the last month, Halsey has created a Black Creators Fund. To amplify by creators’ voices. She announces that no matter the level of fame of the black creators, she wants to use her platform to amplify their voices and help them grow their following.


Beyoncé dropped Black Parade Single partnered with Megan Thee Stallion to support the Black Lives Matter movement and black-owned businesses. She also discusses that all the profits from black parade will be given to BEYGOOD foundation’s Black business impact fund.