Editor’s Letter

As summer is in full swing, I hope everyone is staying healthy and taking the necessary precautions to protect themselves from COVID-19. Throughout the entire world, the Black Lives Matter movement has been making a noticeable impact on our news feeds after the death of George Floyd.

In Politics, we discuss the Black Lives Matter movement not only in the United States but around the world, and how it can be misunderstood. We also discuss how to be an ally of the Black Lives Matter movement and using social media to help the cause instead of just following social media trends. With a point of view of a protester and why the Black Lives Matter movement is a social justice issue.

In Entertainment, we report on Halsey’s Black Creators Fund to highlight and amplify black creators’ voices no matter their level of fame. We also discuss entertaining things to do during quarantine to help connect with friends and stay productive in these unprecedented times.

In Beauty, we discuss Skincare by Hyram, and his quick come to fame through TikTok. He is quickly becoming the king of skincare. We also recommend trendy affordable swimsuits and self-tanners to protect yourself from the harsh rays of the sun, with some handy beauty tips. Try out our recommended DIY facials to help you stay confident during the summer!

In Study, we discuss how seniors can stay ahead and prepare themselves for college admissions in the fall and also how the coronavirus pandemic has altered college admissions not only for next year but could have an impact for years to come, with Business discussing the stock market and trends that have occurred due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In Wellness, we highlight an editorial, discussing our writer’s reflection of the Black Lives Matter movement and how it impacted their colleagues. We highlight meditation and the health benefits of meditation, with recommendations and different offerings of meditation to help you find what works best in your life and to keep yourself healthy during this pandemic. We provide tips to maintain your mental health during this pandemic.

Our Ten Questions With segment this month highlights Rachel Salzman Friedland and her work with feeding first responders and her campaign. Her work involves using donations to not only support the restaurants in her community but also help feed families, especially ones that have lost their jobs due to this pandemic. We know that with these unprecedented times, things can be challenging. We hope you stay healthy and enjoy this issue of Ression Magazine.

Juliette Bruner