Skincare? We Care!

All over TikTok, skincarebyhyram has been going viral. Reacting to many teenagers’ and adults’ skincare routines, giving them advice on what products could be causing the irritation or inflammation in their skin. Hyram currently has 4,000,000+ followers. For a good reason, Hyram analyzes ingredients in skincare products and tells his followers exactly what they will do to their skin. He gives advice too many teenagers on how to combat their acne problems, what products to use, but mainly which ingredients to look out for. He gives many websites recommendations to help people analyze the ingredients in their skincare products to see if it’s promoting their acne or causing them irritation.


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Hyram also has a YouTube channel with 2.5+ million subscribers. He gives extensive advice and reacts to many celebrity skincare routines. However, he believes that the key to good skincare is a minimalistic routine that does not need to be expensive. Hyram is not much of an advocate of luxury skincare routines because much of it has a fragrance, which irritates the skin. Some of his favorite affordable brands include The Ordinary and The Inkey List. Both carried at Sephora in case you want to shop at Sephora but not have your pocket drained when you leave.

Hyram is a massive advocate of SPF. He believes that there’s no point in having a skincare routine if you’re not wearing SPF. Sun damage is one of the most significant causes of aging. Hyram discusses how tanning is very unhealthy and can actually promote aging and acne. He says to stick to self-tanners to keep your skin looking youthful for as long as you can. Hyram has gotten a loyal following, with fans refusing to put specific products on their face unless Hyram approves of the product. Hiram’s quick audience has come around in a little over a month, and he has quickly become the new king of skincare!