The Winner of the NHL Draft Lottery is ?????

On Friday, June 26, the NHL held phase one of it’s draft lottery to decide the order of next year’s NHL Draft. During a normal season, the teams that do not make the playoffs each have a certain percentage of getting the number one pick in the NHL Draft. However, due to the coronavirus, the NHL playoffs this year have 24 teams so things had to be changed up. This year, the 7 teams that missed the playoffs and 8 mystery teams had a chance for the number one pick. Now you might be wondering who those mystery teams are. Those teams are the teams that lose in the qualifying rounds of the playoffs. The 8 teams that lose in the qualifying rounds of the playoffs will then partake in phase 2 of the draft lottery where they are assigned their Mystery Team which have been designated by letter.

So what ended up happening? Mystery Team E ended up getting the first pick even though they only had a 2.5 percent chance at winning the pick. Picks 2-8 ended up in the following order: Los Angeles Kings, Ottawa Senators, Detroit Red Wings, Ottawa Senators, Anaheim Ducks, New Jersey Devils, Buffalo Sabres. Ottawa is on there twice because they acquired the San Jose Sharks first round pick. Many people are very upset at the results of this lottery because an already good playoff team will get even better with the first overall pick. A team like Pittsburgh or Edmonton who already have very good teams getting this pick would be crazy. The worst teams in the league are supposed to get the best picks, not the other way around. Personally, I love the chaos that this will bring to the league and cannot wait to watch the phase 2 lottery.