Three of the Best Self Tanners to Help You Get Your Glow on This Summer

Although we’re all stuck inside due to COVID-19, many pools are opening up with a limited amount of people being able to attend at certain hours of the day even though we might not have as much pool access as we would typically expect. However, we can still get our glow on!

St. Tropez

Although St. Tropez could be pricey, sometimes its results are amazing. Everyone one of St. Tropez’s self-tanners is fantastic and worth the hype. St. Tropez’s tans range from a water-based mist that you just spray on your face before you go to sleep, mousses, and the standard gradually tanning lotion. All of St’ Tropez’s tans look completely natural and can save your skin from the sun damage!

Loving Tan

Loving tan gives you that natural glow with select different shades to help you match your ideal look!

Jergens Natural Glow

I love Jergen’s natural glow gradual tanning lotion. I love to use it during the winter when I’m all pale. After I get out of the shower, I always put on lotion. Once I switched my routine to using Jergen’s natural glow lotion, I began to have a beautiful glow throughout the entire year, which helped boost my confidence.