COVID-19 May Impact the 2021 NFL draft

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many sports such as the NFL and the NBA have been significantly impacted. With much college recruitment being affected due to sports not occurring this year has also impacted NFL recruitment from many Division I schools. With many NFL scouts not being able to travel and visit college football throughout its season has limited the number of recruitments for the 2021 NFL draft.

People are talking about how this year’s draft was unprecedented, but in terms of evaluations, next year’s could be unprecedented, too. Because at this point, we don’t know if all the scheduled games will even be played.

Anonymous AFC scout

This is also affecting many college underclassmen that committed to a Division I school with the hope to eventually proceed to the NFL. Many Division I schools that NFL scouts normally flock to may not be able to provide the same level of access as they usually do to protect their players’ health and safety. Although there was an unprecedented draft for the 2020 cycle, this could also cause another unusual draft for the 2021 cycle. And limit the number of recruits for the NFL.