Halsey Creates Black Creators Fund

With the protests occurring all over America, Halsey has decided to create a to amplify black creators’ art, voice, and perspective. Halsey’s team will entirely fund Halsey’s Black Creator Fund. Halsey is a biracial American singer; her mother is Irish, Italian, and Hungarian while her father is African-American. Halsey has attended multiple protests explaining, “They opened fire of rubber bullets and teargas multiple times on US citizens who are not provoking them.”

Since Halsey is a biracial woman, she discusses how she is white-passing, which gives her a white privilege. Halsey‘s goal is to help African-Americans get their voice heard because she is not susceptible to the same violence. She has been a constant supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement. Her goal with the Black Creators Fund is to amplify any artist, poet, graphic designer, writer, filmmaker, musician-producer, journalist, makeup artist, or creator of any kind, no matter their level of fame. Halsey also promises that she will promote black creators on her social media platforms to help them launch and grow their platforms.