Why the MLB is Seemingly More and More Unlikely to Have a Season

If you were asked to do your job when there was a pandemic going on and making only 50% of your salary, would you do it? No, of course not, that’s crazy. That’s what’s happening in the MLB. Players are being asked to play for significantly less money while doing the same job they always do while putting their lives at risk. Players would also be putting their families at risk. Some of the players would not be able to see their families for months, which in its self is a massive ask of players, but to be doing it for significantly less than half what they were supposed to make is asinine. MLB commissioner Rob Manfred has said there will 100% be baseball played this year, but the MLB and MLBPA have yet to come close to an agreement on salary or how many games. The worst part about this lack of baseball is we are missing out on some of our famous legends primes. Hopefully, we get baseball this year, but it seems less and less likely by the day.