How the Coronavirus Pandemic Could Effect College Admissions

With the coronavirus pandemic canceling many standardized testing dates, it’s no surprise that there’s very much uncertainty when it comes to college admissions in the fall and spring. While many colleges have suspended the requirement for either SAT or ACT submission temporarily, many students still are trying to take standardized testing in hopes it will help them gain admission to their dream schools.

Due to the standardized test and cancellations, we could see a significant decrease in the number of applicants in the early rounds. Since many students want to make sure they put their best foot forward, many will wait till they receive their goal score on standardized testing before they decide to apply. However, we could see an abnormally large amount of students apply due to the suspended requirements of standardized testing. This could result in lower acceptance rates in many top schools and many worried students due to not having an equalizing yardstick with all high schoolers. With many schools having grade inflation or different systems for grading, standardized testing has been a useful tool in the college admissions process to look at students equally.