Six Beauty Tips for Quarantine

1. Haircuts at Home

During this time in quarantine, you might seem bored at times and just going crazy. We all want to feel fresh and rejuvenated. We might even want to get a haircut. Well, during this time at home we should all try to use this time to our advantage and to be as resourceful as possible. As a result, instead of going out to get a haircut, it’s just better to get a haircut by one of your family members or do it on your own.

2. Homemade manicures/pedicures

Even though we’re in the middle of a pandemic, we still want to be treated. Well, why not just treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure at home? You would look so good after and would probably radiate more positivity. Plus, it gives you a reason to put yourself together even though you’re at home. You should try it sometime!

3. Dye your hair

Dyeing your hair is more of a bold thing to do during quarantine, but it gives you more of a kick. If you feel like you’re missing something and you feel like you need to do something crazy or something out of the ordinary, then maybe just go for it and try a color for your hair that goes best with your personality. You could always just get temporary dye, so then if you don’t like it, you could just go back to your natural look. Who knows, maybe dying your hair a fun color might help you blow off some steam.

4. Make a homemade face scrub/mask

One of the best things to do during quarantine to keep yourselves relaxed and sane is to do face scrubs and to wear face masks. How about if you did it on a new level, a level in which you’re the one who makes your scrubs and masks homemade! Well, since we are all at home a lot more, you might as well just use some of that making handmade skincare products for yourself. It sure would give you that refreshed look you’ve always wanted!

5. Rock some braids

If you’re looking for a fresh look, you might want to try braids. Especially if you’re going to curl your hair or even just have some natural waves in your hair, then do this. It’s one of the most natural things you could do for your hair if you want curls without burning your hair. Braids give you that healthy, confident look that you’ve always wanted to have. It gives you a feeling of accomplishment and another boss look.

6. Make your own beauty products

Also, since we all have more time at home, we might as well put some of that time to some good use. Plus, if you’re making your beauty products on your own, then you’ll know that it’s ok to use, that it’s not harmful and that it’s made from scratch. That also makes it into a little experiment, and you get to have fun with it.