Top 5 Apps to Use During Quarantine

1. Snapchat

Image provided by Twitter

Snapchat is the most used app. Especially now, since we are all in quarantine, it is officially one of the most entertaining apps ever. The fact is that since we all need to be around friends and talk to them regularly, Snapchat is one of those apps that allows you to stay in contact with friends on an individual level. You get to have the ability to text your friends while seeing their faces, and it will enable you to facetime them no matter what type of phone you have. Even if you think that Snapchat is worthless, you’ll start to appreciate it because you’re in quarantine, and you have a lot of spare time.

2. Instagram

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Instagram is also another handy social media app to use during the quarantine. Having the ability to express yourself through a variety of pictures and memories is such a wonderful gift. It allows you to cherish every memorable moment, and it helps you bring out your creative side. Plus, it gives you an excellent platform to have random photoshoots in your backyard or wherever while you’re bored out of your mind during the quarantine. Using Instagram also could help you become more away of what’s happening in the world when you see posts from other people and gives you the opportunity to also connect with people from your past. At times you might think that Instagram is pointless or ostentatious with people posting pictures of themselves. Still, since we’re quarantined, you might think of Instagram as a hobby or an entertainer.

3. Disney+

Image provided by Disney plus

Disney + has gotten extremely popular over these past months, and the reason is because of everyone’s childhood movies and shows are on there. The fact is that time flies by so fast, and for us to accept that is to watch Disney movies and shows because it allows us to travel through the past and relive those childhood memories and the imaginations you used to have. It helps to rekindle the childhood light we have within us and gives us joy. It’s like a treasure that you buried deep in the ground when you got older but when you start watching Disney plus during quarantine its like, “wait a minute, it never gets old to watch those movies”. Just remember that Disney + could be one of the best apps to use because it helps you cherish your joy and happiness when you were a child.

4. Netflix

Image provided by the verge

Netflix is also recommended to watch during this tough time in quarantine. It’s another movie platform that has a bunch of entertaining movies on it. This platform has several varieties of videos, all combined in one app. From comedy to dramas to thrillers, a lot is coming at you always. The reason why you should watch Netflix during quarantine is that it gives many options for what to watch, depending on what you’re in the mood for. Unlike other movie platforms like HBO and Hulu, Netflix puts a bunch of their own made originals to keep you interested.

5. TikTok

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TikTok is one of the most creative and cool apps ever. You should use TikTok during quarantine because it shows people talking about very relatable things, and it allows you to create your music video or meme and brings it all to life. It gives you the ability to be yourself and gives you the freedom to be your quirky and fun self. It’s an app that gives you all the space you need to be your person. TikTok is kind of like a mini youtube because you get to create videos about absolutely anything, and you get to look at TikToks, which are my absolute favorite. I, for sure, recommend TikTok.