Upcoming Netflix Shows and Movies to Kickstart Your Summer!

Madam Secretary (Season 6)

Release Date: Friday, May 15th

This acclaimed political thriller will be coming to an end with its final season (season 6) coming out on Friday, May 15. This will also be the last CBS show to be shown on Netflix due to its old licensing model.

It is a perfect show to binge during the summer, if you’re into political thrillers, now that all six seasons are on Netflix.

Avatar: The Last Airbender (Complete Collection)

Release Date: Friday, May 15th

One of the most awaited Netflix additions for this year is Avatar: The Last Airbender. This three-season Nickelodeon classic is once again returning to Netflix, after having been removed back in 2015.

Fans will be pleased to watch this all-time favorite to kickstart a great summer! As we follow our protagonist, Aang, who is a young Airbender that is about to uncover his destiny in the arts of element control.

The Wrong Missy (2020)

Release Date: Wednesday, May 13th

A new Netflix comedy movie is being released! The Wrong Missy is a hilarious, adult film that will surely make you burst out in laughter. A perfect way to get into the summer mood and have a good time.

It follows a man who invites his ideal girl to an island resort, but what he didn’t know is he had two Missy’s on his phone! The previous blind date ends up showing to the invitation, giving way to the disaster that’s about to take place!

Riverdale (Season 4)

Release Date: Thursday, May 14th

Another season of the show Riverdale has finally arrived! If you’re into crime and mystery, you’ll surely enjoy binging this now four-season long Netflix series!

Full of thrilling moments that’ll leave you wondering what happens next, it is a great mystery show that will be sure to catch your attention.

Public Enemies (2009)

Release Date: Saturday, May 16th

This 2009 action thriller, starring Johnny Depp, follows the FBI as they try to catch some wanted gangsters. Also starring Christian Bale and Christian Stolte, this movie will be sure to catch your attention.

Set back in 1933, this obscure depression-era crime film will be worth adding to your watch-list.