2020 Fashion Trends for Men and Women

From: The Trend Spotter

In 2020, fashion trends have started to get more stylish and more elaborate. Fashion trends have begun to evolve and get more exciting and accessible. The women’s 2020 trend starts from the Strappy Sandaled heels to the gold necklaces and the clutches. Strappy heels are appropriate for any season. Those heels could go with skirts, any type of pants, shorts and for sure dresses. They add a little something extra to an outfit, plus they can help boost your confidence and shows that you have good taste. Gold necklaces can also go with any outfit you wear every single time of the year. This necklace could go with any solid color, especially neutrals. If you’re about to leave the house with an outfit that seems like it needs a bit of a shiny touch to it, then put a golden necklace on to give it that touch. Also, clutches are another accessory that is trending in 2020 all year. Clutches come in all colors and designs. They could be used on any outing you choose to do. It could go with anything you’re wearing and shows that you go in style. It would show everyone who’s boss.

Men’s Spring/Summer Fashion trends of 2020

From: On Point Fresh

For the men’s styles in shorts, you could change the lookup when you change up the colors that you wear. The styles of clothing that you wear can say a lot about you. Khaki and navy blue are two different colors that make up a whole different look. The Khaki makes you look dressier or more professional while the Navy Blue could make you look more casual and gives you a more down to earth look. For the khaki shorts, they could be worn at a more formal social gathering. The Navy blue pants could be worn when walking on the beach or going to a barbecue party. Those two colors care both trendy and good-looking, but they could send different messages. It’s all about how you choose to wear shorts and what shirt you wear with it.