Sanders Steps Aside for Biden

With Bernie Sanders out, Democrats must rally around Joe Biden. The former Vice President is now the presumptive Democratic nominee and will face President Donald Trump in the national election.

Biden and Sanders are longtime colleagues who will work on creating committees together as announced on Joe Biden’s Livestream a few days ago. Biden and Sanders agree on most topics, yet they differ on how to execute them. Sanders believes in healthcare for all by getting rid of private health insurers. Biden, on the other hand, wants a public option, allowing people to keep their health insurance and opt into a Medicare-type system for those who don’t. Joe Biden’s policy represents a more capitalist approach.

Bernie Sanders’ supporters seem to be hesitant to support Biden, even though they share many of the same ideals and policies, however, this might change with Sanders now publicly supporting Biden. When it comes down to November, we will see if the White House remains “Red” or will go “Blue” again.