Florida Declares Professional Sports Essential

Image courtesy of the Washington Post

On Tuesday, April 14th, Florida declared professional sports an essential business. President Trump said on Wednesday, “We miss sports,” as he made it clear that it was important to get sports back. Declaring professional sports an essential business means that leagues could carry on their business as normal with games and events being played without fans in the stands. If you are anything like me and have gone back and watched so many reruns of past games, then I know this is big news for us sports fans that are craving for something new to watch.

What we know right now is that a Nascar race could be coming soon at the Homestead-Miami speedway. WWE could also continue with their live shows from their training facility in Orlando. The Miami-Dade mayor also wants to get non-contact sports such as boating, tennis, and golf going again.

As we wait for news about the NBA and NHL and what their next moves will be, the MLB could realistically get their season going. MLB Opening Day was supposed to be March 26th due to coronavirus but there is a way now that they could play out their games. The MLB already has many stadiums across Florida that they use to play Spring Training games in. The MLB could play out their regular-season games at these stadiums without fans in attendance and broadcast the games live on T.V. Nobody knows the status of the NFL or college football, but I do know one thing. Sports fans all over America will have their eyes glued to their T.V.s this Thursday through Saturday as the NFL draft goes on.