Top 5 Movies to Watch During COVID-19

#1 Onward

Image provided by Disney

Onward is a movie about two brothers that are trying to find the phoenix stone to bring their father back for a day. Throughout the film you witness the amazing bond between Brothers and have a laugh along the way. You can watch Onward on Disney+.

#2 5 Feet Apart

Image provided by Redbrick

If you need a little romance in your life 5 feet apart is perfect for you. During COVID-19 one is constantly reminded to remain 6 feet apart similar to the movie 5 feet apart. 5 feet apart is about two teens that suffer from an illness. This illness can be quite deadly especially if they come within 6 feet of another person with the same sickness. 5 feet apart has ups and downs and will make you laugh and cry. It’s perfect if you need a cry or a heart warming love story.

#3 Frozen II

Image provided by Disney

Frozen II is a continuation of the story of Anna and Elsa. Frozen II goes deep into the past of Erindale and in the past of Elsa and Anna‘s parents. With many more funny laughs from Olaf and a brand new playlist of new songs to sing along too. Frozen two is a great movie for the entire family. Available to watch on Disney+.

#4 The Hangover

Image provided by Rotten Tomatoes

The hangover is about a group of friends that attend a bachelor party in Los Vegas. But when they wake up the person who’s going to get married is missing. The hangover is a hilarious movie that is a great movie if you need a break from Disney and you need a laugh.

#5 The Ring

Image provided by Empire

Need a thriller? The ring is a terrifying thriller about people watching TV and the last thing they see is a ring. The ring will have you at the edge of your seat with shock scares that will get your blood pumping.