Mental Health Tips During COVID-19

Some great ways to self-care for yourself during work or school and maintain your health during COVID-19.

1. Go for a run- You’re not supposed to leave your house during COVID-19 however going for a run and staying away from people while not making contact with anything will not only boost your mental health, it will keep your body healthy, and it will help you get some sunshine. Vitamin D is very important during COVID-19 because it helps your body’s immune system and it hinders the virus.

2. Go for a bike ride- this is great especially if you have younger children or siblings in your home. Not only will this boost your mental health but also great family time. During COVID-19 you’re not going to look back at how terrible it was to stay inside all day you’ll look back at the family memories you made.

3. Give yourself a face mask- Face masks not only help provide relaxation. But also when you get out of quarantine you have glowing skin.

4. Make a zoom call with your family or friends- since you can’t spend time with your family or friends during Quarantine make sure to stay in contact because being alone and not having relationships can cause depression and anxiety. Maintain your own mental health by maintaining your friendships and relationships in your life.